"MANILA 1945:

The Destruction of Two Revisionist Myths

I have been one of the lucky few in American History who has both filed War Correspondent's reports from an active war zone, and who has owned a newspaper. It was only small , but owning it has earned me the right to hold a deep and abiding contempt for those of the revisionist liberal media hive who prefer to publish falsehoods than truths because they believe themselves the appointed filters of what constitutes history and what is mere fact filler. They have paved a road to hell along which good intentions trump outcomes even when those intentions lead to catastrophe. To them, the evil of MacArthur is the counterpoint of Yamashita, an honorable man of good intent who should not be sanctioned by history irrespective of the consequences when he turned his back upon 100,000 Manileños.


     I have stated from the outset, when I was first invited to present a paper here, that I am not an historian. I worked 35 years in California as a newspaper person and printer. I have retired from that to a life of reading and writing. My first writing was fiction--short stories and novels—still my preference if I were not so addicted to history. Some would like to suggest I am still writing fiction.

     But the demands of history are very interesting. I do not feel that the restraints of truth are a terrible burden to labor under.


     Trying to find out the truth about my father’s life and work here in the Philippines, for instance, was a wonderful training ground. So many things written about him, and even by him, were untrue: his US Navy biography gives his birth year as 1902. Wrong. No one knew until the late 80’s, just before he died, that he was born in 1900. The only document where he stated his correct birth date was his marriage certificate; this was also the only document wherein my mom’s age was entered incorrectly.

     He included in his resume that he had two years of college at the University of Tennessee. And two more years at the University of the Philippines. Wrong again.

     A search of records in Tennessee did not reveal him as a student at any of their campuses.


Speech given by the Author at the Première of his documentary "Manila 1945: The Forgotten Atrocities."  The Documentary will be re-released in 2013.