A collection of articles and images
concerning the tragedy of Manila, 1945.



Advance to Manila - XIV Corps After Action Report Japanese Defense of Cities as Exemplified by The Battle of Manila
Assault Tactics as Exemplified by The Battle of Manila Japanese Atrocities Make Tale of Horror - Jack Percival
Images from the General Collection -  38 page images Memories of Manila - The Roxas Collection - 69 images
The Approach March - Robert Ross Smith The Corregidor Experience Circa 1938 - 150 images
  - The Defenders and the Defenses Manila Overlay
  - Isolating the Battlefield Battle of Manila Reminiscences - James Litton
  - The Drive Toward Intramuros The Pacific War Photographs of Pfc. Glenn W. Eve
  - The Last Resistance The Battle for Manila - A Personal Memory - Roderick C. M. Hall
Battle of Manila - Dr. Thomas M. Huber The Inspector General's Report on the Manila Atrocities
Battle of Manila - Myth and Fact - Peter C. Parsons XIV Corps Report, 1 July 1945 webBook 
Caught in the Battle of Manila - J. J. Romero The Trial of Yamashita - Memorandum for the Record - Courtney Whitney
Command Responsibility for War Crimes - Major William S. Parks Supplement to Memorandum  - Courtney Whitney
The Four-Deucers' Battle of Manila - Lt. Col. Jack Butler The War in the Pacific Was Worse. Inconcievably Worse - John D. Lukacs
GI Snaps - 152 images 68th Anniversary of the Battle of Manila - Feature
Gyokusai (Honorable Defeat) or Gyakusatsu (Massacre) - Japanese Accounts of the Battle of Manila - Dr. Ricardo Trota Jose Yamashita's Guilt, Korean Atrocity and Other Misconceptions about the Liberation of Manila - Benito Legarda Jr.
Manila Scrapbook - 57 images Comment on Issues, join our community or just browse our Forum
The Officers' Guide -  1941- Service in the Philippines Visit our Friends
The Santo Tomas Internment Camp Diary of Albert E. Holland, 44-45.   most recent additions
    The XIV Corps Battle for Manila: Thesis by Cpt. Kevin T. McKenery
See the Preview Operation of 37th Infantry Division in the Crossing of the Pasig River and Closing to the Walls of Intramuros 7-9 February 1945 - Maj. Giles H. Kidd      (download the .pdf file)
Battle of Manila Reminiscences - James Litton
Massacre of Chinese in Singapore and its Coverage in Postwar Japan - Hirofumi Hayashi
Justice Done? Criminal and Moral Responsibility Issues in the Chinese Massacres Trial - Singapore 1947 - Wai Keng Kwok            (.pdf file)
Law Reports of Trials of War Criminals - in fifteen volumes
War Responsibility and Historical Memory - Hirohito's Apparition (.pdf file)
Battle of Manila - Of Memes and Memists - Paul F. Whitman
NEW! The 1947 Amnesty - A Betrayal of the Fruits of Victory |  (.pdf file)

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