F   O     O     T     N     O     T     E     S   


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On 13 February, during the attack toward Fort McKinley from the south, Pfc. Manuel Perez, Jr., of Company A, 511th Parachute Infantry, won the Medal of Honor for heroic action in reducing Japanese pillboxes that had held up the advance of his company.

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9. About half the wounded were returned to duty without hospitalization.

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12. Personal observation of the author. In April 1945 the old wing was repaired and here, ultimately, were domiciled many male officers of GHQ SWPA, though one floor was given over to WAC officers assigned to that headquarters. No attempt was made to repair the new wing during the war.

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16. GHQ SWPA ultimately used the west wing--repaired by mid-April--for office space during the headquarters' stay in Manila.

17. Additional information on the Post Office fight came from: Milton Comments, 15 Dec 56; Beightler Comments, 18 Mar 57.

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19. Almost all information on the 148th Infantry's mortar and artillery support comes from the regimental S-3 reports. See also 140th FA Bn Unit Jnl, 12-23 Feb 45; 140th FA Bn S-3 Per Rpts, 12-23 Feb 45.

20. General Beightler, commenting on this passage, called it "a misstatement of fact" and an "attempt to belittle the 37th Division." Beightler Comments, 18 Mar 57. The author's account is based upon the 5th Cavalry's records: 5th Cav Rpt Luzon, p. 17; 5th Cav S-2/S-3 Jnl, 19 Feb 45; 5th Cav S-2 Per Rpt 14, 19-20 Feb 45; 5th Cav S-3 Per Rpts 15 and 16, 18-19 and 19-20 Feb 45. The 148th Infantry records contain no information on the point.

21. The claim probably includes dead found within the building.

22. No reliable figures for the 5th Cavalry's non-battle casualties can be found in available records, but it appears that they were in proportion to those of the 148th Infantry.

23. The three companies had entered the fight with an average understrength of 43 men, making the net loss during the battle 32 men per company. The 5th Cavalry's troops were also understrength, but no usable figures can be found.